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    Exclamation Converting installed java files (.jar.#/.jar.$) back to executable java

    I have a number of java games installed on my mobile (SE W890i). When accessing the hidden folder \System\ams, my installed games are present there, in the form of


    Others are just in the form:


    the .# files have a much greater size....basically the same as the original executable jar (about 300/320kb) however the .$ files have basically nothing - around 1kb, mostly 0kb.

    What I was there any way to convert these files back to the original executable jar file. Have you heard of anything that could do this. I looked around and have nothing NOTHING like this anywhere.......perhaps there may be a program or something.

    I have tried renaming the .# files to .jar, which says it is an executable jar, but when installing this on my phone, an error message comes up. Maybe there is a way to combine these .# and .$ files to create an executable jar....i don't know. Anyway, any help would be much appreciated!

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    Thumb rule: If you can't do it easily, it's in violation of the licensing terms.

    Why do you want to do this anyways? Why not re-download the JARs from wherever you got them in the first place?


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