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    Default Basic Football management game


    I would like to create a basic footie management game using Netbeans like the attached file. Please can someone advise can this be created using Java Application template or should I use another template within Netbeans? I would need advice on the match part this would be instant result how would I go about coding this part also I would need help on the generating the fixtures and also updating the table after a win, draw, loss and also progressing through cup competions?
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    Myself, I avoid going to links I don't know, but I'm pretty sure that everything you've described so far can be done with Java. Many here, myself included, don't use NetBeans-generated GUI code but rather code our own GUI. If you're learning GUI programming, I suggest you do the same as it will give you a deeper understanding of GUI coding than if you let NetBeans create the GUI code for you. Please note that I'm not knocking the NetBeans IDE which is a fine IDE and one I've used, just it's drag and drop GUI creation engine.


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