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    Default Multiplayer Game(Sockets)

    Hey, I am having trouble with sockets. I am wanting to make a game that is multiplayer and will work on a freewebs site. It probably needs to use applet or JApplet(for guis).

    I want it to work with everyone on the server, but i think it would be easier to just use a tcp and let others join in by using ip address. The problem is, I am not really good with Sockets and barely know stuff about them. I also want to make a game with images and stuff like that but all i can do is g.drawoval(). I get guis mighty fine they are easy. I want the game to be like mario but you can have friends play with you using your ip.

    If you know any good tutorials(descriptive) or if you want to help please tell me. BTW, my site is

    You have to join to post iin our stuff. P.S. I only have one helper so far. Also I am a fast learner. I have only know java 5 days and can already make good guis. On my game i will need to know how to make gravity and stuff and animation.

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