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    Default java multiple choice questions(MCQ)

    Hi all ,
    can you tell me good books for multiple choice questions for java programming.
    That book should be helpful for OCJP exam.
    I know about "Sun certified java programmer" by kathy sierra.
    Except that book please tell me other books which has multiple choice questions on java programming.

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    Default Re: java multiple choice questions(MCQ)

    Moved from New to Java to Java Certification.

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    Default Re: java multiple choice questions(MCQ)

    While you wait for an answer, go to and use its features to do basic book research yourself. I'll bet you have options long before someone posts a reply here.
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    Default Re: java multiple choice questions(MCQ)

    Have you actually read the entire book of Kathy Sierra and successfully done all her mock exams, plus the one on the CD?

    In this case, you should already be pretty much ready for the exam!
    There are other books (as said, Amazon is your friend...) also free Mocks online, but I cannot(!!!) recommend them. The only other resource I can recommend
    would be the Wizlabs mock exams (Google is your friend...). They are very costly, but they will teach you the feeling of sitting in front of a pc and doing the exam.
    I have als an info page about the oracle java exams on my blog, but I am not sure if I can post that here, you can find the link to my blog in my profile.

    Hope that helps.


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