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    I am learning Java and wanted to switch my career from Oracle, C, Unix shell scripting developer to a Java Web based developer.

    I have worked/studied Java SE, Swings, Servlets and Hibernate. But not sure what to do next? Is HTML, Java Script required? Can you please advise?

    I am that I must be doing Java SE 7 Programmer I (1Z0-803) and Java SE 7 Programmer II (1Z0-804) and going to give exam by end of Dec-13. Can you please advise what other certifications I should do that will help in becoming Java Web based developer?

    Thanks in advance,

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    The (Java) web programming world nowadays has seen a bit of a split towards front-end development where HTML, CSS and Javascript (and the multitude of frameworks surrounding that) knowledge and experience is paramount, and back-end development where Java Enterprise Edition skills are vitally important - as well as a bit of knowledge of front-end development, you can't do one without a little of the other. Front-end development is easier to pick up and may actually get you a foot in the door sooner; JEE is a long and hard learning path and jobs that target it tend to require 3-5 years of working experience in the field. With good reason, its difficult technology to master. I've been at it for over 5 years now and I'm still learning daily.

    So if I had to pass some advice on how to get into this field given that you're not a cheap junior but an expensive senior with no experience in the field - I'd play it safe and go for front-end development work to start out with, and from there grow into back-end development should you be so inclined. The benefit of that path is that by the time you have experience in both, you'll be a very valuable engineer indeed!
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    Refer This image.. It will direct you to the correct path. OCAJP 7 , OCPJP 7 and then go for OCEJWSD otherwise you can go for OCPJP 6 and then OCEJWSD .

    Certification Path-945428_575745819136200_711382776_n.png

    For OCEJWSD refer this preparation article: Oracle Certified Expert, Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 Web Services Developer Preparation Article | Online Exam and Certification Preparation

    Good Luck!!!

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