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    Question Can someone please clarify for me

    Okay, so for most of my life I have been an avid Java developer, for the most part doing odd jobs has gotten me a pretty stable lifeset, but upon recent years I find certifications a requirement, so I went over to Pearson VUE, and became quite confused by their lack of explanation.

    Java SE 7 Programmer I
    Java SE 7 Programmer II
    Upgrade to Java SE 7 Programmer

    First off, what exactly should I be expecting from these exams, in addition, do I have to follow this course (I-II-Programmer), or can I skip to just Programmer?

    In addition, I also see an array of other exams available, could someone a bit more "in" on all this explain to me the best course of action to take?
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    Default Re: Can someone please clarify for me

    little old but doesnt have an answer so

    check out

    they have some free mock exams you can try to get your feet wet

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