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    Default Can I do SCEA ? Please give your inputs.

    I have learned C but never programmed in my life, been in QA for 7 years. Now in management.Completed Sig Sigma Green belt and PMP this year.
    I want to take the Java Architect Exam next year after taking a java training for 10 weeks. I have never been interested in coding and it feels very tiring to sit through SCJP, SCJD etc, so I want to directly attempt the SCEA after a lot of hard work.
    I want to bypass the coding and basics (Exam wise, but will surely complete the training and do a project in Java and learn the foundation material well) and jump directly to SCEA exam.

    Any people give your inputs about it please.

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    Please can anyone tell me in which language "mbt" is posting ....? The content is multiposted across the forum

    Hi senorita2007,

    You can do the same but it needs tremendous effort since you dont have the programming exercise.

    To do SECA you should have well understanding on the programming basics(You cant escape from it).
    Arun K R,Bangalore,India

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