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    Default SCPJ6 Study Guide - Question about exercise

    I'm trying an exercise on the "Backed collections" section on page 589, but i'm stuck after implementing the "Exam watch" of page 591.

    Has anybody an idea how i can do these pollXxxKey() operations on a subMap of a TreeMap?

    A similar test on the subSet of a TreeSet is working fine.
    But there the SortedSet object returned can be casted to a TreeSet.
    The sorted TreeMap returned by subMap() cannot be casted to a TreeMap so i'm stuck...

    Java Code:
    import java.util.*;
    public class Test {
      public static void main(String[] args) {
        //TreeMap en subMap test    
        TreeMap<String,String> names = new TreeMap<String,String>(new NameComp() );
        //sorting test
        names.put("0", "name 1");
        names.put("4", "name 2");
        names.put("1", "name 3");    
        SortedMap<String,String> subnames = names.subMap("2", true, "0", true);
        [COLOR="Red"]subnames.pollLastEntry();   [/COLOR] 
    class NameComp implements Comparator<String> {
      public int compare(String one, String two) {
        //descending order
        return two.compareTo(one);

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    pollLastEntry() is defined in NavigableMap (of which SortedMap is a subinterface): it just removes and returns the last entry in the map, or null if the map is empty. (I'm guessing that's why it's called "poll" rather than "remove".)

    Is this not in the javadoc?

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