Hi there..:)

Iam using iReort3.5.3 and new to it, and have made a report which has 3 more subreports .
The report was working fine initially since i update the sub reports .
Please note here that iReport is connected with oracle database and secondly the sub Reports are working fine if compiled and previewed individually. Now when i compile the report1 which contains report2 , 3 , 4 respectively, the report1 one shows a single white blank page :( .

I've even make my report capable to show the format if no data is available by selecting the "All sections, No details" in the properties of the all 4 reports .

Now according to my least doubt :rolleyes: ... is it some thing to do with the size of page setup ... as my report 3 and 4 are having 4 Detail Band where as my Report 1 which contain these reports have only 2 Details Bands ? secondly i have put all three sub reports in DetailBand 2 of Report1.

Very :confused: Urgent Responses will by highly appreciated. :D