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    Default Project Name: My Personal Assistant

    Dear All Friends,

    I need a software for my BSC IT project 3rd sem can any one will helpme
    i need source code and the developed software both. ASAP with in 3 days i have in my hand, so pls help me friends.:confused:

    Description: Design and develop software that can provide facility to users to plan the timetable and schedule for a day, week and month. The timetable should remind the user about the task, with, a message and some musical tones. Give the facility to the user to set different priority levels. According to the priority levels different reminder messages and tones should appear.

    Software will be running on 3. Software Requirements:
    RDBMS / Back end Tools:

    C, Java

    Internet Technologies:
    DHTML, Java Script, VB Script, Perl & CGI Script, Java, Active X, RMI, CORBA, Swing, JSP, ASP, XML, EJB, Java Beans, Servlets

    Operating Systems in which the application will run:
    Windows 2000 / ME / NT / XP / Vista, Unix, Linux

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    i am using servlets how can i get radio button data from html or jsp

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