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    Question Question?

    im new here on the forums, actually its first time so, if this is in the wrong part of the forum, plz say someting.

    But now, i have a question, since java 7 came out that i've been working in Minecraft for modification code and etc..
    i even buyed a computer only for Minecraft and to work with java.
    But the problem is that my computer accepts better the java 7 than the java 8. i dont know why this happens, i tested i so many computers, and the java 7 makes Minecraft very laggy, even in a stronger computer than mine.
    The java that i use to work in minecraft is 7 Update 80, its on the image.

    I have the fear that if i install all the old versions, this can crash very badly or my minecraft wont open it anymore.
    I wanted to know if its safe to uninstall all of them (all the old ones.)?
    Also, thanks for your time, and tahnsk who helped :)
    Some changes in minecraft with java and changed in shaders too.
    [yes, this is minecraft. i play since alpha]
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