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    Default Help needed in Frames text alignment

    I went through all the process of frames and alignment of multi lines text written in APPLET TAG .But can any one suggest a easier way to align the text that is in APPLET TAG.

    <applet code="...." width=.. height=..>
    <param name="TEXT" value=Hi how r u.I am fien .holla.adfsf adfasff.fsdf f wrfa.dasf werfewfd.fc dsf wsf .dfsfsfsdfsf reqwrad dasfasfwe.>

    now i want to align the above text in my frame any short and easy method

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    Depends on what your applet is doing with this text.

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    Could you give an example of how you want the text aligned?
    Basically, get the String into the applet.
    Break the string up into sections
    Then it depends on the type of alignment: LEFT, RIGHT or CENTER
    Then it depends on where you are displaying the sections:
    In a Panel by using drawString(), in a TextArea or ???

    Figure out the above and come back with some more details.

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