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    Default Disable securoty sertifications


    I have i java applet in a server and when i call it always asks for security certification

    Disable securoty sertifications-untitled.png

    Like this image.

    I have 3 signed jar file and asks 3 times for each jar file.
    Like i notice it gives this error Missing Application-Name manifest attribute for: xxxxxx, i fount many things in google about this issue, but i could find some thing to understand it.
    I use the NetBeans.

    Please can anyone help me by sending me instructions or any easy guide, tutorial on how to fix it by using Netbeans ?
    I need to make something that does not give these messages to any user.

    Thank you in advance


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    Default Re: Disable securoty sertifications

    Moved from New to Java to Java Applets.

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