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    Default customize full screen applet size

    My company uses java applets for our remote connections. The applet automatically detects my desktop resolution and gives me a full screen desktop across my monitor. I would like to customize this resolution so that it is less than my monitor's. That way I can keep the entire remote desktop displayed in a window that is less than full screen. How does the applet determine my resolution? Can I pass it a different value that my true resolution?

    I am running Linux Mint 17.1 with openjdk and firefox.

    I can see this is a development forum. Not sure if this is the appropriate venue for this question. If someone can recommend a more suitable forum I would appreciate it.

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    Default Re: customize full screen applet size

    Do you have access to the code? Without knowing what the code's doing, it's going to be pretty hard to help you.
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    Default Re: customize full screen applet size

    The question basically is if the developers built in a way to override the standard behavior. You'd have to ask them.
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