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    Default jre is not recognized in firefox

    Hello, I have installed JDK8, that contains jre already, but my browser(firefox) does not have java module in addons, so I can't view applets. Shall I do an extra job to add jre module to firefox? Should not be it done automatically after installing jdk? thanks.

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    Default Re: jre is not recognized in firefox

    Just so you know, in Firefox -> Add-ons manager, Java is listed under plugins, not extensions. Try, reinstalling the most recent JRE.

    If that fails, here's a document from Mozilla to help you out: Java - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
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    Default Re: jre is not recognized in firefox

    Also Firefox is 32 bits, so you need to install a 32 bits runtime before any plugin is going to show up in it
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