I use jdk1.7.0_45\bin\jarsigner to sign a jar,and timestamp it(use "-tsa https://timestamp.geotrust.com/tsa").

the validity period of certificates are
13/10/23 9:00~14/10/24 8:59
10/02/08 9:00~20/02/08 8:59
06/11/08 9:00~21/11/08 8:59
96/01/29 9:00~28/08/03 8:59

after change PC time to 2017-10-31 9:00(JST),
We are executing signed applet jar in js,
It gives error like "an application signed with certificate is expired or not yet valid".
And this is worked very well with jre 7u51. Problem in jre 7u55.
(when PC time is 2017-10-31 8:59(JST),jar work very well in 7u51 and 7u55)

Is there a bug?
kindly let me know if any fixed this issues. thanks