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    Default Java web forms in Eclipse

    I'm new to java and programming in general and trying to build a basic webapp that sells pizzas, (bases, toppings, extras)

    I've managed to successfully create jsp pages that look up items in the database but i am struggling to make the actual order form look up the database to find out which items should be in each radiobutton or checkbox list.

    Then in turn, users will be able to select different options then click on "order" button and this will pass forward their choices into a table in my DB called 'orders'

    might sound simple to you lot, but im having difficulty. any ideas?

    I can post any pieces of code you need to see, or send you the whole application so far.

    any help at all would be greatly appreciated


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    The order form should call some manager class that actually does the database connection and query.
    Do you have any code that does the query to the database? Try writing a unit test to test that part of it.

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