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    Exclamation Incompetence of programmers of Java VMs has gone too far - blocked in browsers

    Java applet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and an example from that page FireCube :

    The theory, and in practice it worked this way for years, of Java applets is they are blocked from accessing files outside the applet or anything outside the rectangle in a webpage they run in. They could stream data to/from that same webpage/server which made them great for advanced web programs. Other than that limit, any Java program can run inside an applet and create new browser windows when the program tries to create a desktop window.

    In recent years many browsers have started blocking Java applets because their security was not as strong as advertised. This blocking can be undone with a special exception per webpage, a procedure most people will not do.

    Its said that over 3 billion devices run Java. Its a powerful player in the software industry. I like it because its a well defined math spec, runs reasonably fast, and lets me build executable zip files (double click the jar to run it, or unzip it to get source code) and simplifies much of development. Java is not going away, even if the balance is pushed away from applets and more toward running them on the desktop or as servers.

    This is a problem many of us suffer from, in our ability to deploy apps to websites, which may fall under the rule of Flash or other frameworks without the ability to use applets.

    We should first figure out what are the main causes, what specificly about the security, or what businesses or open source researchers have built the offending versions. Then negotiate with the major players in the industry, both on browser and JVM sides, to only block those offending versions which are known to be unsecure, so the rest of us skilled programmers can continue with our solid industry standard without these jokers screwing it up.
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    Default Re: Incompetence of programmers of Java VMs has gone too far - blocked in browsers

    I'm not sure who your target audience for this post is, but if you're trying to reach Oracle, good luck.

    While most Java developers can agree with your frustration, the sad truth is that applets and webstarts are pretty much dead for most end-users. The unfriendly user messages, the bad reputation for slowness, and the "I heard applets will give my computer viruses" means that you really shouldn't be deploying as an applet or webstart anymore... unless you've paid for a certificate.

    It seems like deploying as packaged executables is the way to go from here.
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    Default Re: Incompetence of programmers of Java VMs has gone too far - blocked in browsers

    Our application is a client/server model, with a JBoss server and a full Swing client that runs on the user's desktop. With a few tweaks, we made it hybrid, so it runs via Java WebStart as well. Besides a few code changes it required a code signing certificate, which you can pick up for as little as 135 euros/year. It gives us the benefit of not to having to install the client software on the user's desktop, but accessible via an URL. The 135 euro is a small price compared to the many happy customers/sysadmins we have :)
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    Default Re: Incompetence of programmers of Java VMs has gone too far - blocked in browsers

    What does the workings of a browser plugin have to do with "incompetence of Java VM developers" I wonder? The VM works beautifully, the browser plugins do not. If you must moan and bitch at least don't fall flat on your face pointing your finger at the wrong target :/
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