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    Lightbulb [SOLVED] Creating List of Values Using ClipBoard Object

    Hey, little problem I am trying to solve.

    I have a bunch of checkboxes and some ComboBoxes which the user selects in my application, all the necessary information i need gets passed into a variable, then when the user presses a button, that info gets put into a TextArea. Basically all I need is for every time the user pushes the button, the information from the variable gets put into the TextArea again, and since the info in the variable changes when the user selects different options, it will create a list of different selections.

    I am using a system clipboard object, but I can't seem to make it add the value to the TextArea, not just replace the old value.

    (BTW I am very begginer Java programer)
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    The Clipboard is used for data transfer; mostly cut, copy and paste operations. There's no need to use it for what you are describing.
    Java Code:
    JTextArea textArea;
    // ActionListener for your JButton
    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
        // get the selection state of all of your checkBoxes and comboBoxes
        // make up a string with the desired info
        // or if you want to preserve previous entries

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    Thanks for your help their, i had not heard of the 'append' function before.
    Thanks heaps.

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