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    I am not sure if this is the correct forum for me, but here goes. I am trying to access a website for my company that performs a Java test to make sure our computers are up to date on Java and can access the website. Out of 9 computers I have tried, only 2 could access the site. The 7 that could not, the computer freezes trying to access the site, or the web site informs them to install the JRE, which they already have. The web site is to log into and view our ACD reports. The web site is;

    ( I have worked with the software provider, TASKE, and we have been unable to find a solution as to why certain computers can access the website, but others can not. I made sure all the computers are running the latest JRE, and that they can access other sites that require Java. Our computers run XP Pro SP2, and I have tried accessing the site using IE, and FireFox. I have contacted Java and have yet to receive a response. Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it is just to direct me to a site that may be able to help.

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    Dead link....

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