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    Default Caling an Applet Method thru VBScript that shows a dailog box

    I have an Applet. When user does some changes to the applet and leaves the applet .. the system warns the user to save the changes Yes/No. If user selects 'Yes' i am calling the save method of the spplet from VBscript. Now in this save it carries out some validations. If there is any invalid data then a dailog box is loaded by the applet that shows the error message.BUt it is giving following exception..
    java.lang.SecurityException: Applet classloader has invalid AppContext
    Can anyone Pls help me?

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    Welcome to Java Forums. :)

    Pal, looking at error people can't say where the error is exactly. :) So please put some code here, which is others can test and give an idea.

    So, something wrong with the validation. How did you do it?

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