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    Default java applet button problem .. :( plz help!

    my game applet starts with 2 push buttons START GAME and

    1.a thread starts when "START GAME" button is pressed.


    t1=new Thread(this);

    but the problm is that the "START GAME" button still appears in the screen while the game is running ..
    how can i make it such a way tht the button dissapears after it is cliked ?

    2. How is it possible to run 2 differnt threads(havin differen RUN body) in a program ?
    I need a different thread for the View Score section ..
    But once the run function for 1st thread is made , wer wil the other thread's run function be written ?

    3. How can the Buttons be placed in a coordinate x,y ?
    i tried using button.setLocation(int x,int y) but it seems to be not working
    and how can i increase size of button

    my class extends Applet class, implements Runnable and ActionListener


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    Sun's Java Tutorial about button may help you out....

    API is also helpful....

    try to use setEnabled.


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