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    Default sun gives rewards to persisting forum members?

    The applet upload to the server was done correctly.
    There are most probably no mangled files (ascii/ binary error), so the CAFEBABE word should be there, although I do not know a way to check that.
    Since the applet works on the viewer and on all my local browsers I taught to have solved the security problems….. probably not. Is it still possible that the server grants no permission.
    How to get permission of the server (the client only starts the applet and sees the photos)?
    This can not be done with a signed applet? Since the client does not grant any permission he/she is not downloading etc.
    What means the long number of
    java.lang.ClassFormatError: Incompatible magic value 1008821359
    is there some error listing?
    I heard sun gives rewards to persisting forum members?


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    Please title your threads appropriately.

    AFAIK, Sun doesn't give rewards- the forums have a mechanism built in to encourage other members to build another member's reputation. Much like the reputation we have here.
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