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    Question Can someone please make me a bookmarklet (simple) PLEASE :-)?

    Ok, I can't write java, and i would like a bookmarklet to do a simple task.

    I want it to amend the URL of the current page and refresh it.
    Basically, it's to add my University E-Proxy to a URL, so i can quickly access a journal.


    Original URL is:

    Changes to:

    Notice, "" is added after the root website.
    It should then forward to a login page.
    I would like a bookmarklet to add this automatically for me please.

    This would be really helpful thanks!

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    Default Re: Can someone please make me a bookmarklet (simple) PLEASE :-)?

    This isn't a "please make me a ..." type site. And besides you're asking about JavaScript not Java, and so your question has nothing to do with the subject of this forum. Locking.

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