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    Default Would you please help?

    I play this java game on and was wondering if anyone could take the time to do something for me. Back in the day when it was on a different website, you could simply copy the source and save it as an .html document and play it without the website add ons/pictures and such slowing you down. Being faster than other plays in the game is a big advantage. I know in this source, there is something called a token that generates in order to be true? I couldnt figure out how to make a "Desk Top Tank" to play straight from my desktop. If you are bored or just willing to help I would appreciate it. Basically I just want to be able to play it staight from my desktop without going through the whole website... It shouldnt take long if you know what your doing? Thank you and greatly appreciate.

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    Default Re: Would you please help?

    This site is not a ask others to do work for me type site but rather to help those who wish to learn Java. You will need to look elsewhere for this. Closing.

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