Dear java comrades
Thanks to hardwired, for the links about applets and security (I have seen them already before). It is all pretty overwhelming and sometimes way over me head. Of course I should read them all, but there is so much more to read and I do not know if I want to get into applets yet. So I am kind of trapped by this applet security issue (of course I underestimated the difficulties, like most beginning programmers).
I have planned a applet-photoshow (I am a composer of contemporary music) for my web and a small application to set the photo order, size, text info etc for that applet, carefully. I do have the java understanding to realize it all, I believe. There is `just´this security issue (I do understand that, that is a important thing in the applet world). So what to do:
-I could leave the whole-d-thing and move on, but what a petty
-study it all and maybe find a way to do it
-or maybe some experienced programmer could help?

Please understand I am not too lazy to read texts (I am reading constantly). But for the moment I´d like to focus on the language (java). The whole surrounding technical issues are still too complicated for me and they confuse me. I´d like very much to have this applet thing solved and to move on, because eventually I’ll get to it all (but just at the write moment when I am ready for it).
So if any experienced java programmer could just answer the three following question or simply say that the thing is way more complicated, I’ll move on to my next learning task.

1) My website (html´,s images, applet code etc) will live in a folder called webwillem
2) the images will be inside a folder called Imagestore (webwillem/Imagestore)
3) The applet tag is <applet code="Slides.class" width="340" height="340" archive="slides.jar"></applet>

-do I need to change the code -
-where goes the applet.policy file (probably inside webwillem folder?)
-what is the content of the applet.policy (probably something like:
grant codebase???? { permission setting a read permission only for the content of the file Imagestore inside webwillem at userdir???;}; )

here I found an interesting text (but way over my head)
Jini Planet: How Codebase Works

saludos willemjav