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    Default g.drawArrayList?

    Hey guys, I have an empty arrayList and the user can type into the textfield a word, click the add word button and the word will be added to an ArrayList. My problem is that I need to make it so when they press another button the list of words will be draw to the centre of the applet.

    I can do this for example.

    Java Code:
    String s = "banana";
    the in my paint method I can say

    Java Code:
    g.drawString(s, xPos, yPos);
    but how do I do the same thing but with an arrayList? My arrayList?

    Java Code:
    al = new ArrayList();
    Java Code:
    g.draw(al, xPos, yPos); //doesn't work.
    also I'd rather the arrayList be printed starting at the top left going downwards.

    Please try to not just refer me to a generic page because I've looked through the articles already. Didn't find anything about drawing the contents of an array.

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    Default Re: g.drawArrayList?

    Do you know how to iterate over a List?

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