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Thread: Layout problem

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    Default Layout problem

    I'm new to java so I would like to say Hello.

    Right now im strugling to catch up on layouts in java. But now I'm having realy strange problem. I have decalred 2 test classes:
    Java Code:
    public class TestApplet extends Applet {
        public void init() {
            setSize(500, 500);
            setLayout(new BoxLayout(this, BoxLayout.Y_AXIS));
            add(new JButton("Button 1"));
            add(new TestJPanel());
            add(new JButton("Button 1"));
    Java Code:
    public class TestJPanel extends JPanel {
        public void addNotify() {
            Dimension d = new Dimension(500, 100);
    There is snapshot of what i get:
    And what I've expected: (modified in paint)
    Basicly what happends:
    -the TestJpanel inherits height and width from it's parent (TestApplet).
    TestApplet changes it's size to 500+25+25 (500 original height = height of testApplet; 25 = height of buttons)

    Why it happends? Why does the testJPanel inherit deminsions from applet?

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    Default Re: Layout problem

    The layout is what sets the sizes. Some layouts fully respect the preferredSize of a component, some don't. BoxLayout will expand some components beyond their preferredSize if necessary as long as it doesn't exceed their maximumSize. Consider setting the maximumSize of your red JPanel, and then adding some glue to the bottom of your BoxLayout-using container.

    As an aside: since this is a Swing GUI, don't use an Applet object, but rather a JApplet.
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    Default Re: Layout problem

    Thank You very much, maximumSize solves the problem :)
    So the setSize is used when I set up layout to null. And on other hand setPreferedSize and maximumSize is considered by layouts.?

    Again thanks and I hope I'll quicky catch up and I'll be able to help others :)

    cu :)

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    Default Re: Layout problem

    Quote Originally Posted by bmL View Post
    setPreferedSize and maximumSize is considered by layouts.?
    And/or the minimumSize. For example, when a GridBagLayout can't accommodate a component at its preferredSize, it shrinks it down directly to its minimumSize (actually, it does that independently on the x and y axes, so a component may end up being displayed at its minimum width and preferred height).
    I hope I'll quicky catch up
    Practice, practice, practice.

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