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    Default Trouble with JMenuBar in applets on Safari on Mac

    I had posted a related question about a problem I have had with the JMenuBar on Firefox on the Mac. See:

    Recently I have started seeing a different problem with the JMenuBar in my applet on Safari on the Mac. These issues are probably related, but the behavior is much different on Safari. Instead of just not allowing the menu to work as happens on Firefox, in Safari, the menu bar appears normally at the top, but when you click on one of the top menus the submenu appears at the bottom of the screen (in about the right horizontal position) instead of dropping down where it should appear. Then when you do move the mouse down to it, you can still use it, but the highlighting does not appear on the items as you move the mouse up and down the menu. The behavior seems to be somewhat intermittent, that is, it sometimes works correctly. I am still trying to determine if there is a pattern to when it behaves this way.

    Has anyone else seen this behavior? Any ideas about how to address it?

    Here is a direct link to a menu applet on my website for which there is code in my related thread above (in response #8): Example Menu Applet

    Here is a direct link to my main applet, a visualization applet for learning multivariable calculus: CalcPlot3D
    Thanks for any suggestions you may have!


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    Default Re: Trouble with JMenuBar in applets on Safari on Mac

    The behavior seems to be somewhat intermittent
    Intermittent behavior in a Swing GUI is often related to concurrency issues. Does your code totally respect Swing's single threaded rule?
    Threads and Swing
    The Last Word in Swing Threads
    The Single Thread Rule in Swing |
    Will the real Swing Single Threading Rule please stand up? bitguru blog

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