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    Exclamation adding an applet in the web page does not work


    I wont to create an applet and add into a web page with netbeans.

    I have done all the staps which is shown in Integrating an Applet in a Web Application

    However I get an erreur when I add the applet code into .html page
    (Embed the applet in the file by adding the following applet tag anywhere between the file's <body></body> tags:

    In an HTML file: <applet code="" archive="HelloApplet.jar"/> )

    both project are in the desktop.

    Can anyone tell me what shoud I write in this line ?

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    Default Re: adding an applet in the web page does not work

    I get an erreur
    Is the error message because of the html or the java program?

    For html problems try asking the question on an HTML forum.

    Are there any error messages in the browser's java console?
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    Default Re: adding an applet in the web page does not work

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