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    Default Applet Loaded vs Started

    i am brand new to java and just programming itself, so i apologize if this is a dumb question. ok, so i am trying to paint multiple things in an applet and when i run my program, at the bottom of the applet it says applet loaded and it isn't until my program finishes that it finally says applet started at the bottom, and flushes the buffer sending all my images to the screen. how do i flush the buffer earlier, or start my applet earlier without the loaded stage?

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    Default Re: Applet Loaded vs Started

    There's a description of the so-called "life cycle" of an applet - the things that happen and associated methods that run - in Oracle's Tutorial on the Life Cycle of an Applet page.

    If you want to know why you aren't seeing what you intend to see when you intend to see it, you will have to post some code. This need not be the code you are working on but just a cut down version that illustrates the problem. You also might want to explain what you mean by "when I run my program" and "until my program finishes" because (as that page explains), unlike an application, the start and end of an applet is under the control of the browser within which it appears.

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    Default Re: Applet Loaded vs Started

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