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    Default launching a java applet


    I'm trying to make a webpage with a applet on it using the new <OBJECT> tag instead of applet. My program is about 8 classes and the object tag only accepts one class. how do I make all my classes into one class so the html object tab accepts it?

    Java Code:
      width="200" height="200">
      <PARAM name="code" value="Applet1.class">
    see how the "value="applet1.class" only accepts one class? I have one program that contains 8 classes and I need to condense them into one class so that I can put it in the object tag. does anyone know how to do this?

    thank you

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    Default Re: launching a java applet

    Read the API doc for the OBJECT tag to see if there are ways to give it other sources of resources like jar files and images etc.

    Do the values of the <PARAM tag name= attribute correspond to the <APPLET tag attributes?
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