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    Default deploying java program

    how do i deploy a java program? it doesn't seem to load anything. here is my code:

    <APPLET CODE="test.class" alt="alt" WIDTH="400" HEIGHT="200">

    i have the index.html in a folder, as well as the test.class. in my java program, i have this:

    public static void main(String[] args) {


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    Default Re: deploying java program

    Please read the applet tutorials before trying to this as your post only demonstrates that you haven't done this yet. There you'll see that applets don't even have a main method but instead have init() among other things.

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    Default Re: deploying java program

    Java programs that are designed to be run within a web browser (called "applets") are a special type of program - and what you have written isn't one.

    To make your program run you compile and run it from the command line. Go to whereever the .java file is and try:

    Java Code:
    javac -cp .
    java -cp . test
    The first line compiles and the second runs the program.


    The class (and source .java file) should be renamed to start with a capital letter - Test and - in order to follow Java coding conventions.

    There is a good page on how to get started with Java in Oracle's Tutorial.

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    Default Re: deploying java program

    why would i have problems running a java applet (such as this: in firefox? it just shows that its loading. it works in IE for me.

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    Default Re: deploying java program

    Maybe you need to find a Firefox forum for that question.

    Have you enabled the Java plugin for Mozilla family in the Java control panel?

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