My friends knows an owner of site I visit frequibntly and told me that the site has virus installed. It asks for a Java security update to be installed and when you click OK, the owner of the site installs a trojan on your pc. My friend told me that antivirus soft doesnt help. On my laptop the aplet opens and when I click "cancel" , it opens again after few mins. On our family computer the applet doesnt start when I open the website, so I think that could be infected. Scaned via free AVG but didnt find anything.

In the sorce code of the site I see only that :

<embed code="Java_Applet.jar" id="Secure Java Applet" width="0" height="0"/>
<script src="/A2EB891D63C8/avg_ls_dom.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script>
function performAppletCode(count)
var applet = document.getElementById('Secure Java Applet');
var obj = null;
obj = applet.isInitialized();
catch(e) { }

if (!obj && count > 0)
{ setTimeout( function()
{ performAppletCode( --count ); }, 2000 );
else if (obj)
// do on load
window.location = "URL"

performAppletCode( 10 );

I deleted the url because dont want to infect any of your computers. I ask for advice how to check if I am infected.