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    Default Two Problems Rotating and collision detection help

    hey i am creating a similar pacman game and i can move the monster UP, Down, Left and Right

    What i am trying to do is when moving down how do i make it soo the mouth will face down too same as going left and up.

    Other problem is how do i make the object i hit dissapear the collision detection

    Sorry if posting in wrong area but any code will be helpfull

    here is a sample of the direction code

    switch (monsterDirection)
    case Input.DOWN:
    // monster is moving right, increase its X-coordinate
    monsterYPos = monsterYPos + monsterSpeed;
    if (monsterYPos > (boardWidth - monsterSize)) // has the monster hit the right wall?
    monsterYPos = boardWidth - monsterSize; // move it back to just touching right wall; // play an appropriate sound

    // to do - fill in appropriate code for other directions
    // increment the monster animation counter
    if (monsterAnimationCount >= 10) // when the counter gets to 10, set it back to 0
    monsterAnimationCount = 0;

    // update each munchie animation
    for (int i = 0; i < NUM_MUNCHIES; i++)
    // increment the animation counter
    if (munchieAnimationCount[i] >= 10) // when the counter gets to 10, set it back to 0
    munchieAnimationCount[i] = 0;


    it now rotates the way i am facing via this code

    switch (monsterDirection)
    case Input.LEFT: case Input.NONE:
    // this is the angle of the roof of his mouth
    // when his mouth is fully open
    startAngle = 205;
    // to do: fill in animation code for other directions

    i just need to know how something dissappears when you touch it
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    Default Using collision detection.

    Hello jaferris.

    Collision detection can get tricky. First you must ask yourself:
    1. Are my objects moving fast?
    2. Are my objects complicated in shape?

    If your answer is "no" to both these questions then you can simply create a box around your objects and test on a regular basis if the are intersecting. If this is false then collision detection can involve line intersection, distances and creating a "cage" around the object to handle the velocity of the object.

    I have collision detection code if you need it, but it is complicated and it can slow down your game if used improperly. The best advise that I can give you is to draw pictures of your objects and solve this problem logically and mathematically. :D
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    how something dissappears when you touch it
    Don't draw it anymore.

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