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    Default File drop zones don't move with window in Firefox

    I have a java applet which allows users to upload files.

    The code for the drop zones is grabbed from: FileDrop (Taverna API)

    Things seem to work fine for the most part. Unforunately in Firefox in Mac OSX (especially Leopard), when the user drags the browser window containing the applet, the drop zones strangely don't move. That is, they remain in the same location on the screen, so when the applet moves, they have moved relative to the applet. If they user moves the window far enough, they zones might not even be within the confines of the window any longer. If the user doesn't move the window, it's fine. If they do, they they must drop the file where the zone was, not where the visual drop zone appears to be on the screen.

    Here's the applet:
    TRintuition workBench Uploader

    It's very odd, and other browsers seem to do fine.

    If you've seen anything like this before, please let me know. thanks:)

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    Please post this message in firefox as well... hope they could look into it. I havent tried those things ..
    dont worry newbie, we got you covered.

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    Default workaround: window moving event?

    it's possible that i've done something stupid, or that i've stumbled onto a big here.

    i'm thinking of trying to force redraw (invalidate) the applet whenever the browser window is moved. perhaps this will get firefox to really redraw the drop zones.

    i'm not sure if capturing a window-move event is possible. i looked into the WindowListener (, but it doesn't seem to listen to window movements or resizing. just maximing, minimizing, and focusing.

    not sure if this hack would work, but if anyone knows how to capture these events, i'd give it a try...

    thnx... peace

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