I am working on a project using NetBeans. I am developing a JAVA Applet that will be embedded onto a chip on a board. The chip is an device server running basic HTTP commands. When I build my project in NetBeans the following are the files, folders and their sizes that I get:

lib\api.jar 100KB
application.jar 38KB
application.html 1KB
application.jnlp 1KB

A file size on a chip can be maximum 64KB in size. My API that I really need to use is 100KB in size. Therefore I was thinking of storing the API library locally on the client's computer while everything else is on the chip server. In NetBeans, how do I command the application running on a server to look for the API library on the client's computer (for example API will be stored on C:\folder\api.jar and the application.jar and etc on http:\\X.X.X.X\) ?

I am junior programmer so please be patient and descriptive in your answers. Thank you all very much.