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    Default Need Help with displaying JFrame through an html file using an applet

    I made a program using netbeans swing/matisse to build a GUI and I want to know if its possible to use an applet to open that program from an html file. I created a new java applet and it does open the JFrame (Within netbeans) but 2 windows pop up, 1 being the empty applet, and 1 being the JFrame. I want the JFrame to open directly in html file and if possible not show the applet window, any suggestions?

    Here is my code for applet....
    Java Code:
    package EdmondsVet;
    import java.applet.*;
    import javax.swing.JApplet;
    import javax.swing.JFrame;
    	public class Applet1 extends JApplet
    	    VetGUI newFrame;
    	    public void init()
    	        newFrame = new VetGUI();
    I also have some html code but it does not work......

    XML Code:
    <applet code = "Applet1.class" width="400" height="100">

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    Default Re: Need Help with displaying JFrame through an html file using an applet

    No, if you create an applet it displays an applet. If you're smart, your GUI will be geared to create a JPanel since that way if you desire you can display it in a JFrame for a stand-alone app or in a JApplet for applet type application.

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