We have an applet that runs best compatibility on java 1.5 (this is an old app provided to us with no source) and we have added the java version param to have the client machine utilize 1.5 if they have it. The machines fall back to 1.5 fine, but every time it runs the warning is displayed. Is there a way to shut off the warning that says "you are about to run using an old JRE"?

I've seen a lot of people ask this question in the spirit of not wanting the warning and not wanting to run on an old version, but in our case we want to run on the old version - just not get the warning every time.

- it won't work with 1.6 so shutting of the jnlp checkbox and forcing an upgrade is not what we want.
- the applet is utilized in a CMS app, so it is run/destroyed often which is what makes this such an annoyance.

Is there some config somewhere or entry in the java.policy file that would help prevent this dialog box?