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    Default Can't open .Jar file


    I have had problems to open jar files for a long time and decided first now to get some help with it. I am trying to assign more memory to a program called '' Spoutraft '', another version of Minecraft. But to even try to do that I need to open a jar file so I can start installing the launcher.

    I am trying ot open it by double-clicking and also tried the CMD. All it says is '' Could not find the main class: C:\Users\Daniel Schnell\Desktop\Spoutcraft.jar. Program will exit. ''

    Any suggestions how to fix this? I have tried to open with both javaw and java, nothing works.

    Thank you in advance!

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    If the jar file contains an application intended to run when you enter the command: java -jar <JARFILE>.jar
    then it will have a manifest file listing what class is to be executed first.
    If the jar contains an applet to be executed in a browser, it does not use the manifest file. The <APPLET tag has a CODE= attribute that specifies what the starting class is.

    What is in the jar file and how is it to be executed?

    Open the jar in a zip file utility and see if it has a manifest file and see what is in that file.

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