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    Default Possible loss of precision (short)

    Hello, I've got a short variable which starts at 0, (I assign it at init() as "t = 0"); then, I add to it 0.01 (with "t = t + 0.01"). For some reason, when I compile, it gives me the error "possible loss of precision, found: double, required:short". Where's the error? Thanks!

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    Did you try executing it and printing out the value of t after adding 0.01 to it?
    The compiler generates code to do floating point arithmetic for the expression: t + 0.01
    Then assigns the results to an int. What is the value of the expression?
    What will be the value of the int? Will you lose any data?
    The compiler is warning you about what happens.

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    Hmmm, I think the compiler just told what you need to do and what it just saw.

    Java Code:
     possible loss of precision, found: double, required:short
    It found a double, but wanted a short. Sooo, change, whichever one is getting the error (maybe it is 't'), your variable to a short.

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