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    Default hide the java applet load widow from the browser document body

    Hi everyone,

    I am runninga javapplet in google chrome.The applet loads and works fine.But a blue rectangular area comes in the

    browser document body once the applet is loaded.How do i remove that.Since my applet takes the screenshot of the

    browser window i need to remove that thing once the applet is loaded successfully.

    The above problem comes only when i run the applet in following configuration.In other configuration everything is fine

    a)Java Version 1.6.0_26
    b)MAC OS X 10.6.8 (VMWARE)
    c)Google Chrome 12.0.742.91
    d)Java plugin in chrome
    Java - Version 13.5.0
    Java Plugin 2 for NPAPI Browsers

    An early respose is very valuable.
    Best Regards,
    Sagar Singh.

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    Can you give me an example of your code and maybe a screenshot so I can figure out what I am dealing with.

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