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    Default Can't it be drawOval( int, double, int, int) ?

    Hi there. I was trying to insert a decimal number as an Y coordinate, when while compiling it said me that drawOval() only accepts int parameters. So, does it mean that necessarily an applet can't draw something on a decimal number pixel, and only it can draw on integer number pixels? I mean, isn't there any way to draw something at pixel 12.5 or 20.3, using double parameters instead of integer ones? Thanks.

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    isn't there any way to draw something at pixel 12.5 or 20.3
    And where would that be rendered to the screen?

    Approximations using anti-aliasing are possible with the Graphics2D API. See the class Ellipse2D.Double / Ellipse2D.Float and the Graphics2D methods setRenderingHints(...) and draw / fill (Shape).

    also go through Trail: 2D Graphics (The Java™ Tutorials)


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