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Thread: jframe inside japplet

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    Default jframe inside japplet

    hi. i have pragram which based on jframe. now i want to run it on web page. it seems i must use japplet . what should i do ? can i have japplet window and many jframe windows and it can run on the web?

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    Lesson: Java Applets (The Java™ Tutorials > Deployment)
    This is "the" applet-tutorial, but it has much more then you need. Try to find launching-code examples, and info on the EDT (Event Dispatch Thread), and applet-restrictions.
    To just address your question: both JFrame and JApplet are top-level containers. Most programs consist basically of a tree made from nested JPanels (with content). The root of this tree is then contained in a JApplet (applet, able to run on the web) or JFrame (app). You can launch from your applet other free-floating JFrames. You can also make programs that are both applet and application.
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