Hello all,

I am an aspiring programming finally deciding to enter the wonderful world of java. As a newbie, I am reading a lot of tutorials and have a few books, though most of them seem to be from the standpoint of a beginning programmer in general and not a programming switching to java.

If anyone has any helpful links to free content, tutorials etc that I may not have found on my first few google searches, that would be great.

I started Java because I have an idea for a web browser game, where I am hoping to combine Java and SQL, possibly PHP if needed, I'm really still in the design phase. Anyway, I was hoping someone might jump on it with me, just for something to do in their spare time (though if you're like me it is few and far between) or even to just give me advice and critique.

I have a full GDD if anyone is interested, but here are the basics

If you have ever heard of or played Neptunes Pride it is almost the same (sort of a rip-off actually but oh well)

The game is simply called Kingdoms, and operates much like risk but on a much slower scale.

Each player will start off with a single kingdom and a small army. They then try to capture other areas where they build an additional kingdom (or steal it from someone else)

There are a few things you can do to a kingdom. Buy economy, buy militia, buy technology. The cost to buy these depends on the resource level of the kingdom. The game cycle is every day. So if the game started at 11:00PM, every night at that time the players will get money for each economy, units for each militia, etc.

The game is slow scale, it may take a player over a day to traverse from one kingdom to the next. It's meant to be a casual game you can check in on from work or when you only have a minute to spare. But it still takes strategy.

I have plenty more details if anyone is interested, but that's the idea of what I am learning Java to accomplish. Hope to meet everyone soon!