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    Default How can I run a webcam applet

    I'm working on my master thesis. I have as subject -face recognition. The subjects should be identified in a webcam/PC camera, locally installed. I mean an USB camera. The application that I developed so far is a web application and I have all the necessary code accessing the camera in Swing, in a JFrame.
    Even so I'm not able to port this code to a working applet inside my web app.
    I've dug into this for few weeks. The best result I had was a blank applet frame.
    The others reported different exceptions, either missing classes under JMF framework, or ( my best friend ) the applet class is not found.
    The question is:
    Could you point me to a good tutorial or show me something working?
    I'll really appreciate if you can give something for dummies or no-brain webcam Java applet programmer.

    Thank you.

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