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    Default Why Am I Having Trouble Downloading/Installing Java On Linux?

    I rented out a Dedicated Server for 1 month (Linux/CentOS 5 - 64Bit) and I guess it came with Java 1.5 automaticlly installed on it, which is the wrong version, as I need Java 1.6

    So, I need to install Java 1.6 on Linux and I am having trouble doing so.


    Here are the instructions to download/install Java on Linux:

    How do I download and install Java for my Linux computer?

    I downloaded Linux (Self-Extracting File):

    I then I made the file executable:

    Then I type "chmod a+x jre-6u<version>-linux-i586.bin" in terminal and it says "bash: version: No such file or directory":

    What am I probably doing something wrong, but don't know.

    Any help would be highly appreciated, thank you!

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    Please don't double post your question; I already answered it here; and b.t.w. this question has nothing to do with applets.

    kind regards,

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