Hello all, we're developing an applet which is preparing for a beta test. I'm using Netbeans which allows you to self sign your project when you build it.

Unfortunately, since I'm using ProGuard to obfuscate before we release, and since this operates on the jar, it means the self-signed certificate is no longer valid.

So I'm forced to look into keytool and jarsigner, and I find the whole process utterly confusing and every site I've found has made the whole process seem completely baffling.

I've got as far as generating (I think) some kind of certificate using keytool, but jarsigner complains that

"jarsigner: Certificate chain not found for: www.domain.com.csr. www.domain.com.csr must reference a valid KeyStore key entry containing a private key and corresponding public key certificate chain."

I don't understand a word of this. ;)

What I would really like is some kind of GUI tool wrapping this process completely where I could just type in organization name and product name etc and click a button to sign the jar. Otherwise some pointer to a clear step by step tutorial on how it works?

(please note we've not got the funds to buy a proper certificate yet, but will be as soon as we can)