Hey guys I am developing a mobile platform controlled by sunspot kit (SunSPOTWorld - Home).

The platform will be able to move independently it will be an integrated element that sunspot will be to control the motors and sensors, ultrasonic SRF04 will, now if someone could give information on how to connect the sensors and motor thanked the sunspot.
The platform will also be conducted with the aid because the sunspot kit comprises two elements sunspot containing an accelerometer and a basestation that base will be connected to the PC platform and will be inserted into an MCU path that will send live images to the PC radio (wireless).

The project description is in Plataforma Movel Semi-Autonoma.

We will use a sunspot element forcontrol the the platform with the accelerometer feature of the sunspot .

If anyone has worked or is working with the sunspot please get in touch.

We create a forum in which we provide information about the sunspot visit us at Sunspot