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    Default Highlight text on playing audio

    Hi, am developeing application in java. here wat i have to do is to highlight words in text file. ie) i have one text file and same content in audio file. when i open the text file audio should play n it should highlight the word in text file on which audio plays. for eg) i have text file with content " hello world". i have same audio file saying "hello world". now when i open text file and click audio, and if audio says hello, hello should highlight in text file, then audio says world, world should highlight in text file. how to do this. can u please suggest some idea. thanks.

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    OP: while your need is urgent, your question is no more important than any of the other questions in this forum. Please don't bump your question after only 10 minutes. Wait at least 12 hours before bumping out of courtesy to others.

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